Collett & Parsons produced Over It with the help of generous donations from friends & family through their Indigogo crowdfunding campaign, which they are eternally grateful for.

We could not have made this without you, so thank you: Aaron Green, Adam Stokes, Alan & Delia Parsons, Alyson Hawes, Barney Shakespeare, Berni Bishop, Briony Silburn, Charlotte Clark, Chloe Edkins, Chris Edwards, Chris Hopton, Christopher Weightman, Clive Watson, Clyde, Dani Levy, Eleanor Smith, Eliot Tozer, Ellie Fisk, Elodie Katherine, Emma Burford, Floriane Andersen, Francesca Deeb, Gabrielle Koonin, George Smith, Georgina Deeb, Jamie Hammond, Jamie Novick, Jane Gets, Jane Pickering, Janet Collett, Jemma Rumsey, Jennifer Pottage, Jo & Nick Miles, Jo & Nigel Silburn, Joseph Croot, Joshua Antoniades-Parsons, Karen Newman, Katie Allsop, Leopold Hughes, Lisa Critcher, Lisa Gregory, Liz MacGill, Louise Pitcher, Madeleine Jevon, Malcolm Newman, Marion Tingley, Mark Rider, Michael / Manley Collett, Mille Haughness, Megan Ní Conchobhair, Monique Maharaj, Natalie Cottrell, Nick Chisnell, Nicola Wiebkin, Polly Henson, Rachel Hyde, Rachel Mugan, Roberta Iorizzo, Rick Tozer, Rosa Payne, Sandra Meunier, Sarah Carpenter, Sarah Ranchev-Hale, Sarah Tonna, Shabana Hussain, Sharlene Matharu, Soumo Bose, Steph Edwards, Thomas Curry, Tracy Symington, Vanessa Carr, Victoria Cotter, Victoria Pletts, Yasmin Halle!

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